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오케스트라 공연중 - 가끔 '펠트'와 같은 도구를 이용하여 치기도 한다. Photo Credit to Neil Shepherd.jpg


Award-winning harpist in Auckland, New Zealand

IHarpistina (Harpist Ina Yoon) is an award-winning harpist based in Auckland, New Zealand.

As a soloist, Harpistina has won a second prize at the New York Music competition in 2018, invited and performed at the 4th Korea International Harp Festival in Seoul, Korea, and featured at Auckland Heritage Festival in 2016.

Harpistina is also an experienced orchestra harpist who had a debut stage at Young Euro Classic Festival in Berlin, Germany in 2011 with Auckland Youth Orchestra, and performed around Europe including Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. She is one of the most actively working harpists in the Auckland area, working with a number of music groups including Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Auckland Symphony Orchestra, Aorangi Symphony Orchestra, Auckland Youth Orchestra (Paul Mealor's NZ Premiere), Blackbird Ensemble, Polymnia Ensemble, St Matthews Chamber Orchestra and Te Anahera Harp Ensemble. 

Harpistina was classically trained for more than 25 years in music and 16 years in harp, starting piano at the age of 5, played various instruments before she started to learn the harp, including recorder, keyboard, Jang-Gu (Korean Drum), Dan-so (Korean recorder) and Gayagum (Korean Harp). She graduated from the Auckland University of Auckland with a Graduate Diploma in Music (Classical Performance - Harp Major) in 2020 under Yi Jin. She was also taught by Carolyn Mills (NZSO),  Louise Johnson (SSO - Australia), Anne Young (USA), and Maria Louisa Ryan (USA) and currently studying under Professor Ann Yeung (University of Illinois, USA). 

Other than performing, Harpistina spends her time teaching. She mostly teaches at her studio based in Dannemora, Auckland, and teaches at Edendale Primary School and Pointview Primary school. She is an experienced and skilled harp and music tutor - teaches from total beginners to the music to students who prepare music exams (both Trinity and ABRSM).



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